The Garden

The Garden
A famous novel of Leo Tolstoy «Anna Karenina» starts with the phrase: «Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.»
There was a lot of love and warmth in our family, but the relationship was not simple. As always, from the outside they could say that our family was an example to follow, but inside we all were under the authoritarian regime of my father, the very variable that did not allow us to freeze in an universal happiness.
I started this series a year ago when we were still communicating well with each other and I wanted to write my own story of our relationship using photographic language, adding a bit of immobility. Distort? No. Embellish? Yes. It was like one of the games that our parents invented for us when we were kids. But now we have switched roles.
Then many things have changed. When I returned to my parents in the summer of 2022, I realized that the first part of the game was over and I had to start another one. Attempts to deconstruct reality and write a script for a new part of the game were painful, full of despair. One of the main characters - my father -  left the stage, ceasing to communicate with me, secondary ones were added.
What will be the next part?
The name of the series «The Garden» alludes to the Garden of Eden which is both the idea always desirable but already lost and impossible.