Nadezhda Ermakova (b.1985) is a Russian visual storyteller and lens-based artist. She works on the field of social issues, age transition and relationships between generations. 

Nadezhda started her career in photography four years ago, having been a French teacher before.

Her series “Strangers” (2019) has been awarded and short-listed for a number of photography awards, including the BarTur Award (winner), the Andrei Stenin Contest (2nd place), Felix Schoeller Award, International Photography Grant, IWPA, etc

Her book “An ordinary story” about her son’s dreams (2020) made during the workshop with Kazuma Obara was the winner of the Self Publish Riga (2021) and short-listed for the Kassel Dummy Award (2020).

She has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally.

Participant Nikon-NOOR Academy Vienna 2019.

Participant Academy VII Documentary Photography Seminar for Eastern Europe, 2020.

Currently studying at ENSAPC, Cergy, France and Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, Russia.


Education, workshops:

2022 – "L'autre moitié du paysage", avec Claire Roudenko-Bertin, Garein, France

2021 – Residence Art Norden, Kurkijoki, the Repiblic of Karelia

2020 – A VII Academy Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Seminar with Mary Gelman and Maciek Nabrdalik, 3 months

2020 – “More than a project” art research laboratory of Jana Romanova and Maria Morina, 3 months

2019 –  Start to study in Rodchenko School of Photography

2019 – Workshop “DIY Photobook” by Kazuma Obara, Saint-Petersburg

2019 –  Workshop by Nikon-NOOR Academy with Sanne de Wilde, Pep Bonet and Bénédicte Kurzen, Vienna, Austria

2019 –  Summer School, workshop «Storytelling», Dubna, Russia

2019 –  Workshop “Inspiration” by Elena Kholkina

2019 –  Workshop “DIY Photobook” by Elena Kholkina

2017 - 2018 –  School of New Photography of Elena Sukhoveeva and Victor Khmel, online courses

2002 – 2007 –  Saint-Petersburg State University, graduated from Philology, department of French language and literature


Festivals, portfolio-review

2022 – Festival du Regard, Cergy, France

2019 – Portfolio-review, Kolga PhotoWeek, Tbilisi, Georgia

2019 –  Festival «Young Russian Photographers», Kaluga, Russia

2019 –  Festival «Photoparade in Uglich», 1st place in portfolio-review 

2018 –  Portfolio-review, Photovisa, Krasnodar, Russia


Grants, awards:

2021 – Riga Self Publish, winner, 1st place, the book «An ordinary story»

2020 – Kassel dummy award, shortlist, the book «An ordinary story»

2020 – BarTur Photo Award, winner of Student entries, category Unity in Diversity, and also the 1st place in all categories 

              Basecamp Student of the Year 2020

2020 – Moscow International Photo Awards, winner, 3rd place, category People-Potrait

2020 - International Woman in Photo Association,  short-list, series «Strangers» 

2019 – Immigrantopolis, Krakow, Poland. Finalist, series «Strangers» 

2019 – Young Russian Photographers, short-list, series «Lida»

2019 – The Andrei Stenin Inetrnational Photo Contest, winner, 2nd place, category Portrait, series «Strangers» 

2019 – Felix Schoelle Award, short-list, series «Strangers» 

2019 – International Photography grant, short-list, category Portrait, series «Strangers» 



Group shows:

2022 – Festival du Regard, "Experience de la nuit", Cergy, France

2022 – "LOX. Oxygène liquid", Neuville, France

2022 – "Entitled", Garein, France

2021 – Riga Self Publish, ISSP Galery, Latvia 

2021 – "Where do the cranes fly", group show, Petrozavodsk, Russia

2020 – Kassel Dummy Award, 2020, Zagreb, Aarhus (Denmark), Prague, Istanbul, Siem Reap (Cambodia), Dublin, Singapore, Melbourne, Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

2020 – Bartur Photo Award. Paris, London, Lodz, Copenhagen, Berlin

2020 – Humble Arts Foundation, 2020, group show 65: two-way lens

2020 – Young Russian Photographers, Kaluga, Russia, show as winner of portfolio review-2019

2020 – “Colony optimization”, Moscow

2019 – “Daisy”, Moscow

2019 – Young Russian Photographers, Kaluga, Russia

2019 – The Andrei Stenin Inetrnational Photo Contest, group exhibition of winners, Moscow, Budapest, Cape Town, New-York, New Dehli, Madrid, Ankara 

2019 – «Orienteering», as result of Summer School courses, Saint-Petersburg

2019 – Immigrantopolis, Krakow, Poland




2018 – "Strangers" on "Takie dela"

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2019 – “Strangers” on "BoaredPanda"

2019 – "Lida" on "Takie dela"

2019 – «The city and the ore» in the magazine «Ogonyok»

2019 – “Strangers” on Republic

2019 – “Strangers” on “Edge of Humanity”

2019 – “Strangers” on RTVI